We help healthcare and welfare professionals become innovators.

  • Any healthcare professional can become an innovator and product/service developer.
  • Innovator skills are needed in any healthcare profession and enhance your career resilience and renewal.
  • Learn to find problems, create new ideas, solve problems, utilize technology and develop your ideas further into products and services. 

Any health and social care professional can become an innovator.


Training and coaching services

We produce training and coaching modules and courses in the field of social and healthcare innovations. Our courses are energetic, interactive and empowering.

To all our courses there are no prerequisites. You can come as you are, since anyone can learn to become a health innovator. Whatever your starting level is, we help you learn innovator skills and find your developer spirit.

Our top courses are:

  • Innovation skills for healthcare professionals
  • How to commercialize your expertise? 
  • How to create a successful, innovative product or service within healthcare?

Our other education themes are:

  • Creating an innovative co-creation culture in healthcare organisation
  • Product and service development basics for healthcare professionals
  • Digital transformation in healthcare
  • Healthtech trends and business opportunities
  • Healthtech ecosystems and networks in Finland, Scandinavia, Europe and USA
  • Creativity at healthcare work

We offer live training events, online trainings and contract trainings. We speak English, Finnish and Swedish. 

Our typical clients:

  • education house
  • adult educator
  • business development organisation
  • hospital
  • care home
  • tech company
  • municipality
  • non-profit association
  • service company
  • private developer 
  • people curious to learn how to innovate

Do you want to become a health innovator?

Please let us know. We would love to hear from you and see if we can help!   


Expert consultation services

We consult our clients in their special projects requiring healthcare innovation expertise. Typically this means expertise in the areas of commercialisation, customer development, industry analysis. We also make reports, interviews and media projects.

Please let us hear from you. 


International Collaborations

We are currently looking for international partners in the following regions:

  • Geneva, Swizerland and
  • Dubai, UAE.

Please contact if you are interested in cooperating with us. We would love to talk more.


Recent blog posts


Examples of our work:

1. Innovation training for Healthcare personnel at Oulu University Hospital

Innovation training for Healthcare personnel was piloted in Nov 9, 2016 – June 20, 2017 at the Oulu University Hospital in Oulu, Finland.

The purpose of the training was to give healthcare professionals information, skills, tools, spirit and courage to innovate at work.

Our goal was to help healthcare professionals understand and create their own innovation culture, become active participant in development work, find imporvement ideas at work and develop ideas further to innovative solutions.  

We tested two training modules: first module with basic skills and second module with department spesific problem solving skills. We had 15 training workshops with total of 91 healthcare professionals attending.

The training was open to anyone working at Oulu University Hospital. The participants represented a broad variety of healthcare professionals including chief physicians, doctors, quality managers, training managers, innovation managers, cardiologists, orthopedists, nurses, and midwives, among others.

The feedback from the participants was excellent. The participants felt that the got new information, skills and tools to be able to innovate.  The participants got positive attitude and self confidence towards development work and innovations. The expertise of head coach Eeva Kiuru was rated either excellent of very good.

Some excerpts from the feedback:

Best things in the training:

  • “Innovation exercise and discussion.”
  • “Understanding what makes it difficult to innovate within healthcare and why healthcare professionals and engineers often think differently.”
  • “I got the feeling that I am not alone with my thoughts. I think the participants were excited about the course.”
  • “The idea about the minimum product”
  • “The attitude of the trainer”
  • “Practical appraoch and small group -> intimate atmosphere”
  • “Positive and encouraging atmosphere”
  •  ”Example hands-on exercises”
  • “Great training package.”

Other feedback:

  • ”I was always the idea guy. It was great to see that I am not the only one !”
  • ”I got lots of encouragment, ideas, lightbulb moments, support and self-confidence.”
  • ”Now I know how to bring my ideas forward.”
  • “It was great that we had participants from different departments and professions.”

This pilot was funded by AIKO-project / BusinessOulu. 

2. Encouraging, practical and inclusive training approach

Our trainings consist of intense modules and they always combine theory with hands on practise.

We use 21st century pedagogical methods, such as flipped classroom, interactive videos and use a lot of examples and case material from real life. There is always a digital/online element in the training.

We are proud to receive excellent feedback from our participants. They like especially our strong substance knowledge personal experience, encouraging and energetic attitude with strong presence.

We are happy to share some of the feedback we got from our previous courses:

  • “Eeva Kiuru was the best so far in this course. She was a true expert in this field.
  • ” I got lots of ideas and thoughts for my project.”
  • ” It was really nice that the trainer really knew about the substance in this field. I have missed this. Energetic trainer.”
  • “Professional, excited and inspirational trainer.”
  • “Great training methods.”
  • “Best day so far in this training course.”
  • “Excellent substance.”
  • “Great discussions and encouraging atmosphere.”
  •  “Individual advise and discussions, inspiring lecturer.”
  • “Great exercises, which helped process my own thinking.”

Our clients  

We have coached, trained and facilitated people in following professions and life situations:

  • Doctor
  • Chief Physician
  • Quality Manager
  • Hospital Innovation Manager
  • Oncologist
  • Radiologist
  • Orthopedist
  • Educator
  • Cardiologist
  • Midwife
  • Financial expert
  • Business manager
  • CEO
  • Business development manager
  • Key account manager
  • Association personnel (non-profit third sector)
  • Public officer
  • Person changing career
  • Unemployed
  • Expert
  • Medical director
  • Pharma manager
  • Managing director
  • Entrepreneur
  • Tech developer
  • Female business owner
  • Service entrepreneur
  • University student
  • Teacher
  • Educator

Eeva Kiuru   M. Sc. (Eng)., Certified teacher  CEO, Founder, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Educator, Coach, Executive Producer.  Health Innovation Academy

Eeva Kiuru

M. Sc. (Eng)., Certified teacher

CEO, Founder, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Educator, Coach, Executive Producer.

Health Innovation Academy

Our story

I founded Health Innovation Academy in September 2014.

As a person marinated in creative tech environment, I was bothered by the situation in healthcare.

Innovation activities inside health and social care were lagging behind other industries. The domain was badly siloed. Inside healthcare the culture was not nurturing innovativeness at all. Innovating and improving things was not really part of day to day work of doctors, caregivers or other healthcare professionals.

Yet at the same time, everyone knows that there are lots of unsolved problems in healthcare. Unproductive operating models cost billions to societies.

Currently only a few of healthcare professionals have the skills, tools or attitude to create new products and services and utilize those opportunities. They are the experts of their own domain. I believe they have great potential to become innovators and developers of their own work.

I founded Health Innovation Academy to help and empower as many people as possible to start and create innovations.

I want to help healthcare professionals find the passion to innovate within their community. I want to teach nurses and doctors the tools and skills to solve problems.

Since 2014 we have trained hundreds of social and healthcare professionals, tech developers and other professionals to become innovators. Innovations can be anything. With a developer mindset you can make small improvements in daily workflow, you can tinker new assistive devices or you can fearlessly utilize newest technology to save human lives.

The mission of Health Innovation Academy is to create healthcare innovators.

Every health and social care professional can be an innovator.

Be well and take care!

- Eeva



Eeva Kiuru

Eeva Kiuru has 20 years of international experience in commercialisation of healthcare innovations and other innovation work in 4 different roles:


1)    1994 – 2006 Inside leading healthtech pioneer company: Eeva Kiuru worked 12 years for heart rate monitoring global pioneer Polar Electro in international marketing and product marketing management positions. She headed the product portfolio of the brand’s largest product category – fitness and wellbeing. Her team was in charge of creating innovative, research-based functionalities (wearable electronics, fitness test based on neural networks) and positive user experience for their clients. She was also responsible for educating Polar’s global distributor network for the new products. She oversaw the development and launch of over 100 different heart rate monitor products globally. She is also an inventor and holds two US-patents related to activity monitoring and heart rate monitoring.


2)    2006 – 2014 Inside ecosystem development organisation: Eeva Kiuru worked 8 years for Oulu Wellness Institute with a mission to help healthtech companies get their products and services faster to the global market by building an expert ecosystem. In this role she helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to find a good problem to solve, create a business idea and product concept for that problem.  She helped entrepreneurs bring their products to market by finding pilot customers. She also worked as expert and coach for hundreds of entrepreneurs, researchers, students, developers and public and private co-operation partners. She was also pioneering an open innovation process among public (City of Oulu healthcare services) and private organisations. She has been in a key role in creating Oulu healthcare innovation ecosystem, test environments and even writing the history of the ecosystem.


3)    2014 –ongoing: Inside healthcare innovation startup as entrepreneur: Eeva Kiuru has created her education company based on her extensive experience in healthcare innovations, product creation and expertise branding.  She has successfully created business relations with international and national authorities, universities, educators, tech companies, medical companies, research organisations, hospitals, economy development organisations, non-profit organisations and municipalities and helped them utilize the innovation opportunities in healthcare.


4)    2016 -> Work as educator and certified teacher: Eeva Kiuru has qualified vocational teacher education in 2016 (AmO, certified teacher) in a unique, award-winning program with focus on innovations, entrepreneurship and education technology with an international group in English at Oulu EduLab. The training also included creation of a healthtech product concept. The developer team TherapiTools, was lead by Eeva Kiuru and developed an awarded concept for therapists.  

Eeva Kiuru is development oriented and believes in lifelong learning. She has trained her healthtech product creation skills in international contexts throughout her career, for example in Silicon Valley and New York.

She is well networked with a great amount of healthtech company CEOs, accelerators, investors and other organisations such as public healthcare organisations, hospital CEOs and healthcare leaders. In Finland her networks include Healthtech Finland, Vertical VC, HealthSpa, OuluHealth, Tampere HealthHUB, Helsinki Health Capital, Turku Science Park, ETLA, Health Innovation Village and Tekes.

Eeva Kiuru is an active blogger and columnist, who likes to write about innovations and creativity on layman’s terms to help give everyone an access to innovation work. She is an Executive Producer of HIATV -YouTube-channel focusing on healthtech opinion leader interviews. 

For more information see: Eeva Kiuru LinkedIn-profile